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This site is a collection of information, links and comments about topics I want to share. These topics appear more or less in the order they occur to me rather than following any rational schema, so if you are looking for something in particular, try using the search window above. Welcome!

Crypto Currency, Non-Fungible Tokens and Virtual Worlds

These may initially appear to be unrelated, but they are inextricably bound together in blockchain-stored VWs.

Crypto Currencies


The basis

Smart Contracts

What makes crypto work


Decentralized Applications


Decentralized Finance is a movement that seeks to leverage decentralized networks to create trustless, transparent protocols that run without intermediaries.

Crypto Scams

Since cryptocurrency is largely unregulated, inevitably there is a risk of being scammed. One tool to help avoid this is the cryptoscamDB. Caveat emptor!

Crypto Wallets

Where one keeps links to crypto assets, protected by public-private key encryption

Crypto Tips

What are NFTs?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique, immutable virtual assets, such as Decentraland LAND or CryptoKitties or baseball cards. They are used as collectibles, and have sparked surprisingly robust and well-funded markets considering that they are largely imaginary items with no intrinsic value.
A good current explanation of NFTs is offered by Coinbase.

Virtual Worlds, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds (VWs) are computer-simulated environments, usually shared by multiple people who interact through their "avatars" or representations. These worlds may be 2D or 3D, depending on the hardware used to access them and the underlying application. VWs may be located on a centralized server accessible via the internet or intranet. Some require the use of an application called a "viewer" while others might be accessible using a Web browser.

Info about Blockchain-based Virtual Worlds

  • NFT Estate Homepage
    • About Non-Fungible Tokens, used in blockchain-based VWs.
  • Comparison of Decentraland and Cryptovoxels as of September 2019
  • Somnium Space
    • an open, social & persistent VR platform built on blockchain. Buy land, build, or import NFTs.
    • Compatible with Oculus Quest & Go
    • 2D app is mainly for exploration. Use VR HMD for true immersion.
    • Assets (i.e., land, NFTs) traded on OpenSea marketplace
  • Upland
    • A real-estate trading game, loosely based on Monopoly
    • Uses the EOSIO blockchain to record account & property data
    • Properties are essentially NFTs on the blockchain

Virtual Reality

VR mostly applies to activities and environments accessed via HMDs (Head-Mounted Displays), such as Oculus Rift, Quest & Go, and others.

my MootUp office

MootUp is a site where one can host or visit web-based VR-enabled virtual worlds, rooms or scenarios. Free accounts can have up to 15 customizable virtual locations which can serve up to 15 participants.

Universal Avatars

Augmented Reality

AR is a technology that blends the real world with the virtual world, showing virtual objects in a real world environment, usually by means of special camera-equipped HMDs.

Playing With Electronics

Raspberry Pi


ESP32 & ESP8266