Non-Fungible Tokens

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Types of NFTs

  • Digital coins
  • Digital business cards
  • eBooks
  • Digital collections, i.e., art, photos
  • Coupons
  • Achievement badges
  • Event tickets
  • Recognition tokens
  • Membership cards
  • Claim tokens for physical items

NFT Resources

  • A Guide to Crypto Collectibles and NFTs from Binance Academy
  • NFT Bible from OpenSea
  • Kred NFTs Custom NFT site
    • Platform for creating NFTs that can be stored on Ethereum or Stellar networks
  • NFT Estate
    • A website that tracks blockchain-based virtual world real estate
  • InterWork Alliance
    • an organization devoted to empowering all organizations to adopt and use token-powered services in their day-to-day operations, across use cases and networks, bringing inclusivity to globally distributed applications.
  • Everipedia article about NFTs
  • EOSIO protocol, an alternative to Ethereum for NFTs. Site includes tutorials on smart contracts, etc.

Blockchain-based Digital Asset Marketplaces

"An NFT is a unique, distinguishable, indivisible blockchain-based asset which has some sort of monetary value, usually denoted in a cryptocurrency like ETH." --Ryan Schultz


The largest marketplace for rare items. Buy, sell, discover, and trade limited-edition goods

Matic Network

Scalable and instant blockchain transactions

Rare Bits

Apparently defunct. Website unreachable.

NFT Showroom

NFTShowroom based on HIVE blockchain

Brave Browser Merch Store

Brave adds NFT eCommerce store

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