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What is Arduino?

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Arduino IDE

The IDE (Interactive Development Environment) is how software and firmware is written, checked and uploaded to Arduino-compatible devices, including ESP32.

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Elegoo Arduino & Sensors Kits

Our local library has collections of kits to loan to card holders with an Arduino Mega and a whole bunch of components to experiment with. I found the docs for the kit I have ("Mega 2560: The Most Complete Starter Kit") and the other one the library offers ("37-in-1 Sensors") at this site.

Grove Arduino Starter Kit

Designed for beginners, this pin-identical Arduino Uno emulator includes a bunch of sensors pre-wired into the board. For just US$19.90, it's quite a bargain. Included are:
  • temp & humidity sensors
  • air pressure (barometric pressure)sensor
  • LED
  • buzzer
  • OLED display (.96")
  • rotary potentiometer
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • button switch
  • light sensor
  • sound sensor
  • USB micro cable
  • 6 Grove cables

Arduino Projects