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RPi Accessories

  • PiVoyager is a UPS for any model Raspberry Pi. As well as providing a connection to a Lithium ion battery, this device maintains a clock and calendar for the Pi. When the Pi is connected to external power, it will charge the battery as well as provide operating power to the Pi.
  • Remote.it, a VPI for RPi (and all other platforms). Free personal account available, or $2/mo/device for commercial account w/priority email support.

Setting Up a Raspberry Pi

Connecting over the Local Area Network

Also see https://ngrok.io for an easier-to-use IP tunneling service


RealVPN server is pre-installed on the RPi, but I have not been able to get it to work since the window overfills the screen and is not scrollable. Instead I will try simply using SSH directly to the IP address.
Turn off NordVPN on the PC before trying to connect, since the IP reassignment makes it impossible to use on the LAN. (May be necessary, but is still not sufficient.)
In Windows 10, toggle "Device Discovery" switch under "for Devlopers" in Settings > Update & Security window. Requires selecting "Developer Mode" first to enable the switch. This should make it possible to connect via USB and localhost from a different device. After rebooting, use the "Pair" button to display a pairing code to enter on the remote device.
see this page for info on Windows 10 Device Portal.

SSH How-to

First see if the SSH server is installed and running on the RPi. See this page for details.
This page has instructions for opening a cmd window on the PC and logging in to a remote server with SSH.
Here is a page with common SSH commands.
The OpenSSH documentation for Windows is at this page.

SSH Server on Windows 10

See this page for hints. It is a bit out of date, but has some interesting information.

Using ngrok for SSH

See https://ngrok.com
  1. Connect RPi to local network
  2. Determine IP address
  3. Start ngrok TCP 22 server on Pi
    1. $ ./ngrok tcp 22
  4. Start VNC server on Pi
  5. SSH into Pi from remote client (Win10)
  6. Start VNCviewer app on desktop (Win10)

Create a Network-wide Ad Blocker

Includes some how-tos for several purposes

LAMP Stack Installation

Follow instructions at https://knowledgeofthings.com/django-on-raspberry-pi/
  1. Install Apache 2
  2. Install MariaDB
  3. Install Python 3.x
  4. Install phpMyAdmin
  5. Install Django CMS

RPi Projects

Home Web Server

Apache2 on RPi

A step-by-step procedure for installing and running Apache2 web server on Raspberry Pi

Home Wiki Server

Attempting to run Mediawiki on a Pi Zero connected to my home router
  1. Set up SSH server on RPi Zero
    1. Use Raspbian Buster SD card
    2. Establish unique password
    3. Configure to allow SSH access (Install & run sshd)
  2. Connect to RPi via SSH from Windows command line (Windows+r cmd) with Ngrok
  3. Install Mediawiki on RPi: ssh [RPi-ip-address] sudo apt-get install mediawiki
    1. Configure wiki to be read/edit only by logged-in users in LocalSettings.php
  4. Connect RPi to home router
    1. Plug in directly to router USB port
      1. See if port supplies power to Pi Zero
    2. Discover IP address
    3. Configure wiki server & SSH server to use assigned IP address
    4. Test by connecting to RPi wiki from laptop
  5. Investigate setting up static IP to allow access via internet, or use Ngrok account

RPi Connected to Solar Power Controller

This tutorial demonstrates how to use serial communication on a Raspberry Pi to connect to a solar charge controller and transmit the data using a python web server REST API to web enabled devices.
Video also includes lots of useful apps to look up

Pi Zero Amazon Price Tracker

See this page for instructions to script a price tracker for a specific product on Amazon.com

Pi Zero 3D Printer Server

Jason posted these instructions for making a wireless print server for his 3D Printer.

Pi Zero W Surveillance Camera

RPi Cellphone

Make Your Own Raspberry Pi Cell Phone

RPi Zero on a USB Dongle

Run MS-DOS on a Pi

DOS Emulation System

Time-Lapse Photo Setup

Instructable for Pi-Arduino-controlled time-lapse camera

Node-RED programming language

Install & run Node-RED on RPi

RPi Zero with Pi Camera

Pi Zero with Pi Cam as USB Webcam

Collection of Pi Projects

Uptime Lab - mostly pro-type cases

Apps for Raspberry Pi