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ESP32 Projects

  • Volos Projects paint app on YouTube

ESP32 References


EP32-CAM Pin-out


ESP32-CAM WiFi + Bluetooth Camera Module Development Board ESP32 With Camera Module OV2640

pin and hardware compatible with the AI-Thinker ESP32-CAM module
  • Ultra-small 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi + BT/BLE SoC module
  • Low-power dual-core 32-bit CPU for application processors
  • Up to 240MHz, up to 600 DMIPS
  • Built-in 520 KB SRAM, external 4M PSRAM
  • Supports interfaces such as UART/SPI/I2C/PWM/ADC/DAC
  • Support OV2640 and OV7670 cameras with built-in flash
  • Support for images WiFI upload
  • Support TF card
  • Support multiple sleep modes
  • Embedded Lwip and FreeRTOS
  • Support STA/AP/STA+AP working mode
  • Support Smart Config/AirKiss One-click distribution network
  • Support for serial local upgrade and remote firmware upgrade (FOTA)

How to Program

ESP32-CAM Project Ideas

Backup Camera
Use as camera module for backup camera for truck with RPi or Arduino-based dashboard monitor, connected via WiFi or Bluetooth.
Issues to be solved:
  • Power supply
  • Weather-proof case
  • External antenna?
  • Need for WiFi router? (Module acts as a hotspot according to one tutorial)
Robot Vision
Embed in a DIY robot, making use of the built-in facial recognition software to allow the robot to recognize individuals and greet them by name.
Front Door Security System
Connect a motion detector to an ESP32-Cam to send an SMS message to a smartphone with an image of whomever is at the door.

ESP8266 Projects

ESP32/8266 MicroPython Projects

IDEs to use with ESP32

A variety of IDEs work with the ESP32. Arduino IDE is fine, but the RandomNerd MicroPython ebook recommends uPyCraft IDE. I've installed both on Win10.

My ESP32 Boards

I bought a 2-pack of 30-pin ESP32 DevKit boards from Amazon on 30 Nov 2020, for $11.95 on their CyberMonday special.
After hearing Gary Fleming talk about it, I also bought an ESP32-CAM in January 2021.
This board is an excellent platform for developing with the ESP32 SoC, a single chip solution that combines Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi capabilities. Different than our other development board, this one includes a OV2640 camera that communicates with the ESP32 over I2S and has a resolution of 1600×1200 pixels. It also carries a micro SD card adapter for applications requiring additional storage space. The ESP32-CAM is a development platform that combines the tried and true ESP32 SoC with an integrated camera. With a 27×40.5×4.5mm footprint and a deep sleep current of up to 6mA, the ESP32-CAM provides an excellent platform for creating computer vision projects! Features: Processor: ESP-32 Onboard camera: OV2640 Camera resolution: 1600×1200 pixels; JPG output Operating voltage: 3.3V Camera interface: I2S Color depth: 8-bit 16M colors Please note this board doesn't carry a USB-to-Serial UART adapter (e.g., CP2102, CH340g) so you'll need to connect one to its TX/RX pins and/or set it up for OTA. We have written useful guides for getting you started with the ESP32-CAM development board: