Programming with MicroPython

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  1. What is MicroPython?
  2. Pyboard
  3. BBC micro:bit
  4. Adafruit Circuit Playground Express
  5. ESP8266/ESP32
  6. Thinking Embedded
  7. Visual Feedback
  8. Input and Sensing
  9. GPIO
  10. Networking
  11. Sound and Music
  12. Robots
  13. Idiomatic MicroPython
  14. Next Steps




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Common Acronyms & terms used in Python & MicroPython

  • REPL
    • Read, Evaluate, Print, Loop
    • "It's what you get when you type python from the command line and see three chevrons (>>>) prompting you to do some interactive Python programming."
  • WebREPL
    • Browser-based REPL used to communicate with ESP8266/ESP32 boards via local Wifi
  • microfs
    • tool that uses the USB serial connection for working with the filesystem in MicroPython
  • PWM
    • Pulse Width Modulation
    • a way to make digital signals emulate analog, by rapidly turning on and off while also controlling the time the voltage is on or off
  • duty cycle ratio
    • Because power is only applied [to digital devices] when the duty cycle is on, the average power delivered to the device is the duty cycle ratio multiplied by the "on" time.