Bee Motion ESP32 PIR Motion Sensor

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This board based on Espressif's ESP32 has a PIR motion sensor on top.
Bee-Motion-ESP32-PIR-front.png Bee-Motion-ESP32-PIR-back.png

ESP32-PIR Pinouts


ESP32-PIR Documentation

ESP32-PIR in the Press


Like all ESP32s, this device is compatible with Arduino, CircuitPython and MicroPython.

Arduino for ESP32-PIR

Arduino code for ESP32-PIR on GitHub

CircuitPython for ESP32-PIR

CircuitPython for ESP32-PIR on GitHub

MicroPython for ESP32-PIR

MicroPython for ESP32-PIR on GitHub


Almost any PIR project, especially those incorporating WiFi, can be made efficiently using this board.